About Us

About Us

From budget travel to super luxury tours, from solo travelers to large groups and international conferences, our services deliver a great holiday experience to everyone. Get to know about us and what makes us really special!

My name is Sameer and I am a Travel professional, but travel is also my real passion and during the off season when the numbers are low, i and my family take out time to explore various places in India, planning itineraries and discovering this fascinating country.

We have been living in India since ever and yet quite often we stumble on to something that makes us like it a bit more than ever. India is a place which sort of grows on you. A fascinating mix of all inconceivable contradictions, delightful cuisine, cultures, traditions & a great happening place is what it really is. It has a wide range of everything – geography, climates, heritage, religion, cuisine, beliefs and colors. While building our website, we realized that every nook and corner of India is so unique that it is simply not possible to cover it all in one website. Its not possible to experience it all in one tour or even a life time. There is so much to see, feel and experience.

It took us a number of years About Usto realize that nothing makes us more happy than packing our bags and heading to a new destination. Considering our travel experience, we were often consulted by friends and their friends, and before we knew it, our business took its shape. Being a small team and without the ambition of making millions, we have managed to keep our prices realistic, thereby meeting a good number of happy people from around the world, sharing and celebrating a few enchanting moments. We have made friends and often get a call now and then out of the blue telling us that we will be visited soon.

If you are planning a holiday in India and would prefer a more personalized touch and heart to heart experiences then we would be happy to help you. Welcome to India!

About Delhi: Delhi is the capital and major commercial center situated in Northern India. It has been the hub of power for centuries and has seen many rulers and empires rising and falling at its feet. The rivers of time have saved some prints of the glorious times which co exist with the enchanting mix of culture and modernism in the heart of Delhi.

It is well connected with the world through Indira Gandhi International Airport, which happens to be the busiest in South Asia. Besides a good network of Railways which connect Delhi with all the major cities and town in India, it is also connected with all major roads making it a great place to start your journey. In essence Delhi, the Old Delhi and the New Delhi represent very much of all of India.

One can easily loose self, discovering the delightful cuisine in the streets of Old Delhi or walking in the narrow lanes of the Old Bazaar – Chandni Chowk and feel as if time has really stopped. It’s a place where you have religions existing peacefully and celebrating life with one and all. You can walk into a Gurudwara, a temple or a Mosque and experience the hospitality and humility that makes India truly unique.

The malls have all the brands and high tags, but the real deals are often found at the bazaars where you can enjoy bargaining over trinkets, colorful scarves, sculptures and a million other things. For a free spirit its just a great place to walk around never knowing where you will go next or what you will find at the next turn – always surprising; that’s Delhi.

What do we offer? We can provide luxury holidays to satisfy all ages and abilities, from families with children to a youthful 92(our recent record). We specialize in managing tours for small groups, large families and also corporate. We make holidays to your requirements and manage everything for you, so you just need to arrive and enjoy your holidays. We take care of tickets, bookings, transportation, guides and all the finer details to ensure a great experience for you.

For us meeting customer expectations is a prime objective. We feel that quality and not numbers is the key to success, so we try our best to understand your needs and create tours that are spontaneous, delivering more value and experiences that you will cherish for your life. Of course, we love doing what we do and getting to know people from all over the world, sharing moments and delivering our very best keeps us motivated and ever committed to better ourselves.

We must be doing something right, because more than 70% of our customers are through referrals alone. Most have visited India with us a couple of times and prefer our services because of our attention to quality and details. You can also expect unbeatable rates and value for money services.

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